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  1.    Master Pitching Machines
    Master Pitching Machines
    Iron Mike pitching machines are the workhorses of many baseball and softball programs from high school teams up through the pros and even at commercial batting. They are built to last and require very little maintenance aside from checking the nuts and bolts on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has loosened up, greasing the chain, and oiling a few spots. They can be left outside, although a cover is recommended.
  2.         ProBatter Sports
    ProBatter Sports
    The ProBatter PX2 Baseball Video Simulator is the premier video pitching simulator in the world for baseball. Operated by a touch screen controller and containing a video front of an actual pitcher, it delivers Major League quality pitches thrown to multiple positions both within and outside the strike zone at speeds between 60 and 100 MPH. It throws virtually any pitch that a pitcher can throw, including rising fastballs, sinkers, cutters, split finger fastballs, curves, sliders and changeups which permit a hitter to simulate game-like conditions in a batting cage. The simulator can be manually operated or programmed to deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches.
  3.     ATEC Pitching Machines
    ATEC Pitching Machines
    ATEC baseball pitching machines and equipment are THE coach's choice. Whether you're a high school or college coach or a parent looking for the best at-home training, ATEC has you covered.
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